Let’s Draw Davis – Centenary Sketchcrawl!

LDD March 2017 b2

Now the sun is back out, it’s time for another sketchcrawl in Davis!

Join us on Saturday March 25th, 2017 for a special ‘themed’ sketchcrawl in downtown Davis. The them will be “100 Years of the City of Davis”, and we will explore the buildings and objects (and people??) that have been in Davis for a century or more. This month, March 2017, marks 100 years since Davis was granted a charter to become a City formally called Davis (having previously been known as Davisville, until the Post Office started shortening it to just ‘Davis’ a few years before). (Hey perhaps I should organize an even older themed one called “Let’s Draw Davisville”?)

Let’s meet at 10:30am outside the Dresbach Hunt Boyer Mansion on the corner of E and 2nd Streets. There’s a little area with some seats  which is nice. I will be creating maps showing where many of the 100-year-or-older spots are in Davis, and then you’re on your own to draw and explore. If you have a bike you can go even further afield, such as the old 1908 buildings on the UCD campus, but many old sites are within a short walk of each other in the old downtown area.We will then reconvene at 3:30pm back outside the Dresbach Hunt Boyer Mansion to show each other what we have done, and see how much of old Davis we have caught on paper.

As always this sketchcrawl is FREE and open to ANYONE who likes to sketch. You may be a beginner wanting to learn from sketching with others, or an old hand who just needs to get out and draw stuff, you can sketch alone or in groups, you can stay from start to finish or just come along and do one sketch and that’s that, it’s totally up to you. this is an excuse to draw, and excuse to look around our town (I mean, our City), and learn a bit of history through your sketchbook.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Update: I have created a special hand-drawn map and handout for those who attend. You can download the map here: Let’s Draw Davis March 2017 Map


Let’s Draw Davis! An update…


It has been a few years since I last updated this website; due to other commitments (coaching soccer, mostly) I stopped organizing the sketchcrawls regularly in 2014, holding just one that year (and none in 2015), though we never really stopped sketching! Let’s Draw Davis was relaunched in summer 2016, with a sketchcrawl on a hot day in July, followed by two more in October and November. The plan is that I will again organize a sketchcrawl monthly in Davis, to encourage more outdoor drawing, and meet more local sketchers! I’m committed to always having them be open to everyone of all levels, and always held in Davis in an easily accessible place. If I have learned anything in my 11 years in this town, it’s that there’s always a bit more Davis to draw.

The next sketchcrawl in Davis will be on Saturday March 25th, (not Jan 29th as previously announced; unfortunately I’ve been busy) once again in downtown Davis. The them will be “100 years of the City of Davis”, as yes, the City of Davis celebrates its centenary that very week. I’ll be posting more details about it very soon. Rain or shine, let’s get out there and sketch!

september 2013: uc davis

let's draw davis september 2013 v2
Time for another sketchcrawl in sunny Davis…join us next Sunday September 22 for some sketching on the UC Davis campus!

We will meet at noon at the Good Life Garden, located in the courtyard of the Robert Mondavi Institute for Food & Wine Science (http://rmi.ucdavis.edu/). From there we will sketch individually or in a group as you prefer, before reconvening at 4:00pm at the Wyatt Deck in the Arboretum to check out each others’ sketchbooks.

As always this sketchcrawl is free  and open to anyone who likes a bit of location drawing. It’s a great way to really explore our town, and meet (and learn from) other sketchers.

Hope to see you there!

may sketchcrawl: farmers market

let's draw davis may 2013

Join us for another sketchcrawl in Davis California! I’ve not had as much time lately to organize these as often as I would have liked, but the sun is out and the birds are singing, and so there’s no excuse not to do some urban sketching. This time we will meet at the Farmer’s Market (meet at the corner of 3rd and C) at 10:30am, and sketch the market and the are around before meeting up again at 3:00pm by the Carousel in Central Park to check out each others sketchbooks.

WHEN: Saturday May 18, 2013
START: 10:30am Farmer’s Market (3rd and C)
FINISH: 3:00pm Central Park, by Carousel

This event is free and open to anyone who likes sketching. It’s fun to meet other sketchers, and urban sketching is a great way to look at the town where we live.

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march sketchcrawl: arboretum

let's draw davis march 2013
Join us for another sketchcrawl in Davis, California! It’s Spring, the blossom is out, and it’s time to head back to the UC Davis Arboretum (http://arboretum.ucdavis.edu/). We’ll meet at 11:00am at the Arboretum Terrace, which is a little garden area next to Whole Foods, at Davis Commons (the corner of 1st st and Richards). From there we will go to the Arboretum proper, either in a group or individually as you prefer, and sketch all afternoon, meeting up again at 3:00pm at the Wyatt Deck, on the south side of Lake Spafford.

This sketchcrawl is free and open to anyone with an interest in sketching. Feel free to spread the word! All you need is something to draw with and something to draw on.

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Hope to see you there!

january sketchcrawl: from the pence to de vere’s

let's draw davis january 19th 2013

It’s a new year, and time for the 38th Worldwide Sketchcrawl!

The first Davis sketchcrawl of 2013 will be around that interesting little block between D-E-2nd-3rd Streets, full of cute little spaces and shops and cafes. We will start outside the Pence Gallery at noon, and sketch for a few hours before meeting up again at 4pm at De Vere’s Irish pub on E St to warm up, check out each others sketchbooks and maybe have a pint too.

WHEN: Saturday Jan 19th, 2013
START: 12:00pm, outside the Pence Gallery, D St
FINISH: at De Vere’s Irish pub, E St

As always this event is free and open to anyone with an interest in urban sketching. All you need is something to draw with and something to draw on! And perhaps a scarf, it is January (though January ‘crawls in Davis tend to be bright and sunny and not as cold as other places).

There’s no need to RSVP, just come along as you please. Check out the Facebook event page though, and don’t forget to post your sketches online afterwards at the SKETCHCRAWL FORUM!

See you there!

november sketchcrawl: community park

let's draw davis! community park, 11/11/12

Hey sketching folks, it is time for another Let’s Draw Davis sketchcrawl, this time back up at Community Park in north Davis, from the Davis Art Center to the Library. The Fall colours are very colourful at this time of year and if it gets too cold, the library is a great place to sketch.

DATE: Sunday November 11, 2012 START: 11:00 AM, outside Davis Art Center (F & Covell) FINISH: 3:00 PM, inside Mary J Stephens Public Library (14th & B)

As always this sketchcrawl is free and open to anyone who likes to draw. I hope to see you there!

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