Let’s Draw Davis! An update…


It has been a few years since I last updated this website; due to other commitments (coaching soccer, mostly) I stopped organizing the sketchcrawls regularly in 2014, holding just one that year (and none in 2015), though we never really stopped sketching! Let’s Draw Davis was relaunched in summer 2016, with a sketchcrawl on a hot day in July, followed by two more in October and November. The plan is that I will again organize a sketchcrawl monthly in Davis, to encourage more outdoor drawing, and meet more local sketchers! I’m committed to always having them be open to everyone of all levels, and always held in Davis in an easily accessible place. If I have learned anything in my 11 years in this town, it’s that there’s always a bit more Davis to draw.

The next sketchcrawl in Davis will be on Saturday March 25th, (not Jan 29th as previously announced; unfortunately I’ve been busy) once again in downtown Davis. The them will be “100 years of the City of Davis”, as yes, the City of Davis celebrates its centenary that very week. I’ll be posting more details about it very soon. Rain or shine, let’s get out there and sketch!


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